Write to me in Norwegian (norsk bokmål) or English!

Hi, I'm Catrine and I'm a traditional artist mainly based in Norway, and slowly building up a base in Germany.PLEASE READ INFORMATION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE BEFORE CONTACTING ME

Moomin watercolor painting

SPOTS: UNLIMITEDSnufkin, with or without Little My on the bridge. Handmade watercolor painting, on A4 300gsm acid free paper. Nice unique gift for any Moomin fan!350 NOK
+ shipping
I'm also open to do other Moomin characters!

Signed by voice actor, Jon St. John (Duke Nukem)

SPOTS: 2After Retromessa 2022, my coolest fan, Jon St. John (voice of Duke Nukem) was kind enough to sign to pieces of paper for me to sketch on and sell. These are a little smaller than A4 size, measures c. 27cmx21cm. One is signed upper left corner, one signed downer left corner. Jon only signs in person!Both are up for grabs!Paper: Regular sketching paper (probably ca. 90 gsm)Price depends on your character of choice of his and details.Startprice: 550 NOK
+ shipping
Unique chance to own something special for your collection!

Small original lineart sketches

SPOTS: UNLIMITEDSmall sketches in A5 size, will be drawn with pens. Will be made within 7 days after ordering. Price depends on your character of choice and details.Keep in mind I have 50+ gaming related already done as constock and might already have what you’re looking for! In stock ready to ship from franchises like Ucharted, Mass Effect, Genshin Impact, Daganronpa, Horizon/Aloy, Darkstalkers, diverse retro and more. Check out my Ko-fi shop!Paper: Sakura Bristol 20 manga paper (A5, 250gsm)Perfered motifs: Gaming, anime characters
Unlimited slots
Price: 125 - 500 NOK
+ shipping

Traditionally drawn portraits

Pet portraits and human portraits in A5, A4 and A3. These will be made with pens and pencils - my specialty. Name logos and dates can be added if you wish for no extra cost.Paper: Canson Bristol Extra heavy weight bright white paper (250gsm)A5 - 800 NOK
A4 - 1500 NOK
A3 - 3000 NOK
* with full background 500-1000 NOK
extra depending on details
+ shipping (70-130 NOK within Norway)*OR pickup at events
(see my convention list on my homepage)
For this commission work, I appreciate that the following include in your first message:

  • I need clear referance picture(s).

  • You need to own the rights to the picture.

  • What do you want (my standard style is with pen and pencil). We can also discuss what's best for the motive if you’re unsurel.

  • What size you where thinking about - because of the potential amount of details we may have to discuss this.

  • Good description about your idea.

  • Deadline?

Contract required on this commission! See terms and conditions underneath.



  • You must be 18+ old to commission me.

  • You can order the specific commissions listed here on this page.

  • If you live outside the Norwegian landborder and want to order, because of the change of currency and prices shipping abroad, please contact me beforehand about this so I can calculate for you.

  • Keep in mind that I can refuse a commission for any reason, whether I'm not comfortable drawing what you ask for or simply unable to take the commission at that time.

  • By wanting a personal portrait we will fill out a contract together with details such as payment, deadline, adresses etc.


  • I require 25-50% NRF (non-refundable) deposit of everything over 500 NOK. The rest when the piece is done, unless you want to pay it all up front. Payment through VIPPS, Paypal or bank (kontooverføring).

  • Keep in mind since I draw traditionally, your order will be shipped to you. I only ship with tracking, and you as the commissioner will cover it. Alternative option is that you can pick up your art at events/conventions where I’m having an artstand.

  • All main communication will be through email. Social media is too much to keep track of.

  • I will let you know if there’s a waitlist.

  • Once I’ve recieved your payment I will start your order. I will inform you when I do.


  • Depending on the type of commission you want and my current schedule, it can take from a few days and up to 6 weeks to finish. I usually juggle two commissions at the same time.

  • You are of course an important part of the process, and I will send you WIP images as I work. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MAIL REGULARLY. I send one starter sketch/concept, 1-2 scans midway and one finished once the last payment is recieved. You are not allowed to significantly alter the artwork without my explicit permission, if there's anything you want changed during the process of me making it, you get 1-2 chances maximum of bigger revisions depending on the size of the commission. More than that will apply extra fees. Smaller edits are always acceptable.

  • In the unlikely event something should come up and I’m not able to finish, experience any difficulties or I'm taking too long and can't finish the piece in time of the deadline set in the contract, I will cancel your commission and give you a refund.

  • You will get the original finished piece, and a high quality full-size JPEG-scan. You can print this for own use.


  • You are NOT allowed to use the commmission I drew as a cryptocurrency, NFT, blockchain-related technology or any other future inventions in the same space as these. I will also strictly forbid you from exposing MY art to any AI image-generators. You may be the buyer, but it is still MY work and I'd like to have absolutely NOTHING to do with the mentioned environments. I will black list you, and spread your name to a network of artists.

  • Referance photos of private individuals will be deleted when my job is done. I might also ask you for permission to post the finished artwork on my hompage or use as future samples for commissions.

  • I serve the right to post progress pictures on commissions on my social media profiles.

  • Fanart is always acceptable if I’m familiar with the title.

  • You are NOT allowed to remove my signature.

  • All commissions are for personal use only, for commercial purpose please discuss it with me first. If purchased any of my artwork it does not give buyer reproduction rights of any kind, unless we agree on other terms. You may repost your commission, just please credit me as the artist and not as your own. You are not allowed to claim, edit, trace, copy, modify, my artworks in any circumstances without my consent.

  • Commissioner is known with my art style, has done research beforehand and knows what to expect before contacting me.

  • By purchasing art from me you agree to these rules and conditions. If you break any of them I will refuse to work with you.

NOTE: I’m also open to discuss commercial commissions. Commercial commissions I may be interested in includes:
Merchandise, promotional material, CD covers, game assets, book covers, social media artwork, and similar.
On request I can also do character designs, logos, other illustrations, m.m. These are rare and I therefore don't have a set pricelist.
See list below!

Blank comic book covers

I’ve done a few of these for one client in the US. My process is that I sketch up first from what you tell me you want depending on the character/comic, I do a mock-up and do some changes until you accept. Note I only do lineart on these, and no color.As I’m located in Norway, there’s no way for me to be able to get my hands on these myself, so condition is you’re going to have to ship these to me and also cover return costs for me to ship them back to you. I realize I’m not much of a big name or special artist, so I usually add some goodies to make it worth your hassle (like original drawings/ sketches, prints).Start price $30-60 depending on amount of details. If you ship more than one cover to me I’ll give you a bulk price including shipping back to you so you dont have to worry about anything when I'm done.

Send me out in the field!

I’ve been painting fireplaces, walls and other interesting stuff I never thought I’d do, and I’d love to do more of that! I’ll take it as an adventure, I bring my own tools unless it’s something special required or heavy I cant bring myself. Hit me up with an email if you got an interesting project for me!I'm currently located/based in both Indre Østfold in Norway, and Kappelrodeck in West Baden-Württemberg.